Enjoy The Journey Keychain

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Hi dear,

Go, Enjoy the journey!

Life is not measured by

the number of breathes you take.

But by the number of moments

that take your breath away.


Everyone has dreams, everyone face choices. Every road is wonderful, just enjoy it. 'Enjoy the journey' means 'Live what you love, love what you do, and it also contributes positively to the world.' 

Pendent is a compass, engraved around with 'Enjoy the Journey'. A great reminder for those who will go to a new life.


  • Material: Made of 316L stainless steel, stronger and more durable, will never fade, tarnish, corrode, stain, or cause allergic responses. Nickel free, 100% in harmony with the wrist.

  • Size of pendant: round pendent's diameter is 1.38 inches, compass pendent's diameter is 0.39 inches.

  • Size of ring is 1.10 inches.