For Dad - Papa Bear Mountain Cuff Bracelet

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🐻Perfect Gift For Father🐻  



For all the times that I forgot to thank you

For all the special things you do

For all the words that sometimes go unspoken

I need to say

You're the best papa bear in the world. 



Papa bears are very protective of their children’s and will always be their cubs back until they’re all grown up. The papa bears will fight anything if it gets near his cubs. So when someone says, “I’m going all papa bear.” It means that they’re going to fight someone and protect someone from something. If you describe a dad 'papa bear' it means that they’re loving and caring of their own children you could call him 'papa bear'.

When we met something bad, dad always be our back and protect us first. So the bracelet engraved shape of PAPA Bear may be a perfect gift for papa especially on this Father's day!


  • Material: Made of 316L stainless steel, stronger and more durable, will never fade, tarnish, corrode, stain, or cause allergic responses. Nickel free, 100% in harmony with the wrist.
    • Measurements: Diameter 2.5"  Adjustable openings designed to fit most wrists.